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     There are many types of remote water monitoring systems available to meet most application needs.  Global Water offers several types including cellular dataloggers, satellite data transmission systems, radio sets, and standard modems for your remote water monitoring system.  Each of these data transmission methods meets different remote water monitoring system needs.  The following is a short introduction to each type of solution and what it offers to your remote water monitoring system.

Satellite data transmission for remote water monitoring systems
     The satellite data transmission method was designed for remote water monitoring systems in areas where power is not available, there are no telephone lines, cellular coverage is non-existent, and far enough away from the data collection point that a radio system is impractical.  These environments are generally located in areas that also make it difficult to set up a datalogger for your remote water monitoring system and return several months later to collect the data.  In these environments the satellite data transmission system can gather your remote water monitoring system's data and transmit it to a database where you can view it from any computer that has connection to the Internet.  Global Water offers the SIT65 Satellite Internet Telemetry system to meet this type of remote water monitoring system application.

Cellular data transmission for remote water monitoring systems
     Remote water monitoring systems that use cellular data transmission require sites that are well covered by cellular transmission towers.  These remote water monitoring system sites will generally be closer to developed areas as a result of this requirement.  Cellular data transmission methods will allow for more rapid data transmission from your remote water monitoring site, however you will need to set up an appropriate cellular plan with a local service provider.  It is also essential that the cellular system be set up to transmit according to the transmission guidelines of the country your remote water monitoring system is located in.  Global Water offers either a cellular autodialer or cellular datalogger for remote monitoring.

Radio data transmission for remote water monitoring systems
     Radio systems are used for relatively short-range transmission of remote water monitoring system data.  Global Water offers the RM100 Radio Telemetry System, which has a range of 15 miles.  The advantage of this system is that one receiver can collect data from a large number of remote water monitoring systems.  This allows you to have a centrally located base station or mobile platform that can move within range of the remote water monitoring stations and gather all of the data without actually visiting the site.  An additional advantage is that there are no additional fees with a radio system.

Telephone modem data transmission for remote water monitoring systems
     Telephone modem data transmission systems are used with remote water monitoring systems that are near telephone lines.  Global Water offers a modem that will link with the GL500 series dataloggers for transmission of your remote water monitoring system data.  Typically this type of system is used where the remote water monitoring systems are near unmanned buildings such as small dams or gauging stations.  This type of system has the lowest investment of all the remote water monitoring system data transmission methods if the telephone lines already exist at the monitoring site.

See our information sheet on solar power for more information about supplying power to your remote water monitoring site.
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