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NOTE:  If your computer is black in color, please click here.  You have an older version of our water velocity meter.
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Setup mode
Clock setup
Computer operation

The BC1200 has the capability to switch between 2 different calibration factors.  To change between the calibrations remove the computer from the flow probe head by twisting 45 degrees counter clockwise and lifting.  The indented gray button in the upper left corner on the back is to switch between CAL I and CAL II. In the upper left corner of the display, I is displayed for CAL I and II is displayed for CAL II.

I = ft/sec, calibration # = 0053
II = m/sec, calibration # = 0016

The indented gray button on the upper right is used to enter the calibration mode.  Press and hold it for 5 seconds to enter calibration mode.

(Calibration values are factory set. Resetting is only required after changing the battery.)

  • Press bottom button until CLOCK or TOTALODO is not displayed on screen.
  • Press the left indented gray button to select CAL I.
  • Turn computer over and press and hold the right indented gray button for 5 seconds and .set language . flashes on display.
  • Press top button to select language.
  • Press bottom button to accept.
  • Press top button until .SET M . is displayed.
  • Press bottom button to accept.  The calibration factor is now displayed.
  • Pressing the top button will change the value of the flashing digit.
  • Pressing the bottom button will accept this value and move to the next digit.
  • Set the calibration factors as follows:
    • Feet/second: 0053 (CAL I)
    • Meters/second: 0016 (CAL II)
  • Press indented right button on back for one second to store.
Repeat above procedure for Cal II.  (Only the cal number will be required)

(NOTE: after battery replacement and additional screen displaying SET ODO will follow the forth digit of the cal number.  Ignore this and press the indented gray button to store settings)
  • Press bottom button until clock appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Turn computer over and press and hold the right indented gray set button (S) for 5 seconds or until clock flashes.
  • Press top button until hour is reached.
  • Press bottom button to move to minutes.
  • Press top button until desired number is reached.
  • Press bottom button to move to single minutes.
  • Press top button until desired single minute is reached.
  • Turn computer over and press right indented gray set button for 1 second to save.
The Flow Probe computer has a simple 2-button operation.  The bottom button scrolls between functions and the top button resets the function .s value.  Pressing the top button for 3 seconds zeros the average and maximum velocities.  With a little practice, the buttons can be pushed with the hand holding the top of the probe.

The computer functions are as follows:
  • Velocity: The upper display number is the instantaneous velocity to the nearest .5 foot (or meter, depending on units being used) per second.
  • The lower display number is used for the following functions:
    • average velocity(AVGSPEED)
    • maximum velocity(MAXSPEED)
    • stop watch(STPWATCH)
    • CLOCK
  • The bottom button scrolls between these functions, and also DIST/DAY, RIDETIME, TRIP UP, and TOTALODO which are not used for this application.
  • Push the top button for 3 seconds to reset the displayed function.  Push for 5 seconds to reset all velocity functions.
  • Stop watch: While STPWATCH is displayed, pressing the top button once will start the stop watch.  Pressing a second time stops the watch.  Holding the button for 3 seconds clears it.
  • Clock: The computer returns to the clock function after a period of inactivity for the probe.
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