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Global Water is a distributor of Ebro products.
Please visit the following web pages for more information on Ebro instruments

Ebro is a middle-sized manufacturer of portable electronic measuring instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity and other physical parameters with a staff of about 100.  Ebro has been developing, manufacturing and distributing first-class measuring instruments for 40 years.  Ebro's products were developed with their customers input, as they often offer suggestions and ideas for new measuring instruments.

Ebro manufactures high accuracy temperature data loggers for the food industry, for laboratories, and medicical and chemistry industries.  Ebro also offers temperature/humidity loggers, pressure loggers for industrial use, and temperature/pressure data loggers for monitoring steam sterilizers in hospitals. Global Water offers Ebro offers several different pH testers including the PHT810 pH tester. Ebro also offers many different types of thermometers including the TFH610 Handheld Hygro Thermometer, the TLC730 Handheld Infrared Thermometer, and the TFI550 Non-Contact Thermometer.  As a manufacturer of high quality data loggers including the EBI85 Waterproof Temperature Data Logger and the EBI20 Temperature/Humidity Dataloggers.  Please contact Global Water if you cannot find the Ebro products you are looking for.

Ebro's products are manufactured for a wide variety of applications including precision thermometers, calibrated thermometers for food inspectors, thermometers with fold-back penetration probe, and fast-measuring core temperature thermometers.  Ebro also makes instruments for measuring salt content, taking vacuum measurements, and for measuring the quality of deep frying oil.

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