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USB Dataloggers - Host Vs Peripheral communication ports

     The GL500-7-2 datalogger has both a serial and USB communication port while the WL16, FL16, and GL500-2-1 dataloggers have one or the other.  The WL16S, FL16S, and GL500S-2-1, serial dataloggers, have an RS-232 serial port and the WL16U, FL16U, and GL500U-2-1, USB dataloggers, have a USB Type B port.
     The interface software for the new dataloggers will support both USB and serial ports; however, the communication ports on various computing devices vary.  Desktop computers generally have both USB and serial ports, while many of the newer laptops are moving away from serial ports and offer USB only for accessing peripheral devices.  PDA's (personal data assistants) may have either or both interfaces for accessing external devices; however, most use serial ports only.
     The USB interface between two devices must always have a "Host" and a "Peripheral".  The Global Water dataloggers are peripheral devices and require a connection to a host device to program and access stored data.  All desktop and laptop computers can act as a host to external devices such as printers, cameras, GPS units, WL16U, FL16, GL500-2-1 and GL500-7-2 dataloggers.  Nearly all PDA's; however, can only be a peripheral device.  While most PDA's do come with a USB cable for connecting up to a computer, this port generally can't be used as a host to control other devices.
     Examples of PDA's that will act as a host to another USB device are the ACER n30, Fujitsu-Siemens Loox 720 and ASUS Mypal A730W.  Some examples of devices that will not act as a USB host are the Dell Axim, HP iPAQ, Palm Tungsten and Recon 200C.
     Almost all of the PDA's in use today have either Windows or Palm operating systems.  The PDA's manufactured by Palm use the Palm OS operating system, while most others use the Windows CE or Mobile platforms.  Global Water has full-featured datalogger software developed for the Windows operating systems.
     Any questions regarding the use of specific PDA's with the Global Water dataloggers should be directed to the Sales or Customer Service departments. 
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