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What size Adjust-A-Flume should I use?

Sizing of flumes is based on anticipated normal and maximum flows.  In general, the smallest flume of adequate capacity is selected.  Flumes are restrictions in the channel and consideration should be given to the effect of the resulting backwater on upstream drains and channel walls.

Installing the Adjust-A-Flume

  1. Installation of the Adjust-a-flume takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the ditch preparation needed.
  2. Three important things to know are the high water mark in the ditch, the need to set the top of the flume 2 to 5 inches above this mark, and the need to level the flume from end to end and side to side (use a carpenter's level.)  Filling the ditch with soil in the region of the installation and compacting it to a level that is about 10 to 13 inches below the high water mark can meet the 2 to 5 inch requirement.  (This depth can be less than 10 inches if the maximum flume capacity is not required.
  3. After placing the flume on the compacted bottom fill and completing the above leveling requirements, pack soil against both sides of the flume from the upstream flare pieces to the side angles.  Fill this area all the way to the flume top.  From the side angles to the outlet end restrict the back fill to a depth that does not interfere with the wing nuts and adjusting bolts.
  4. Be sure to leave the 3/8" bolts in place until the flume is installed, then replace them with the four 5/16" bolts and wing nuts.  This will insure good parts alignment and easy adjustment.  Adjust the height using the directions given on the yellow labels.
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