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high water alarm FEATURES:
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Self-powered model for stand alone applications
  • Bright strobe and loud sounder
  • Easy to install just about anywhere
  • Robust and reliable
  • Choose the power option that best suits your application
  • Integrates well with our water detection sensors, float switches, and controllers
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High Water Alarms Options & Prices
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. High Water Alarms Options & Prices

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High Water Alarms Product Description
Global Water's WA400 Water Level Alarm is robust and easy to install anywhere you need a reliable high or low water level alarm.  The WA400 features a weather resistant PVC enclosure for outdoor applications, a bright flashing strobe light and loud sounder for alarm notification, and a choice of versions and accessories.

Options for your Applications
The WA400-DC battery powered version may be quickly deployed in temporary emergency applications or anywhere you need a level alarm where no AC power is available.  The unit will strobe and sound for up to 12 hours on its eight standard 1.5 volt AA batteries.

The WA400-AC externally powered version allows you to the use the alarm with water level sensors, any standard float switch, or any contact closure.  Our WA400-BU version includes an automatic battery backup in addition to standard AC power- a great feature if your AC power source may be unreliable.

Augment with Accessories
Our rugged WA600 Water Alarm Sensors provide high and low water level detection capabilities for the WA400-AC unit.  (Please note that the WA600 sensor should not be used with the WA400-DC model.)  Our specially designed WA100 liquid level float switch is compact and selfweighted for quick and easy installation, and it works on any of the WA400 units.  Also, the WA100 may be configured for NO (normally open) high level actuation or NC (normally closed) low level actuation.

The WA400 Level Alarms may also be used on other equipment such as our PC320 controller, or any device that has a dry contact switch output including samplers, pump panels, and security switches.
High Water Alarms Specifications
Input: Contact Switch Closure, 40mA Load
     12 VDC (switched) power terminals, 25mA Maximum
     External NO relay contact: 5A @30VDC
     WA400-AC: 115 VAC
     WA400-DC: Eight 1.5 volt AA batteries (apprx. 12 hr continuous)
     WA400-BU: 115 VAC with eight 1.5 V AA batteries as backup
Visual Alarm: Strobe w/red lens (apprx. 1 Hz)
Audible Alarm: 95dB, 2900 Hz sounder (@ 10 cm)
Enclosure: PVC, weather resistant w/wall brackets
Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
Dimensions: 14" long x 2-1/2" diameter (35.5cm long x 6.4cm diameter)
High Water Alarms Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

WA400-AC High Water Alarm (PN# ATE000)
115 VAC power
Pricing Panel Mount Flowmeters
WA400-DC High Water Alarm (PN# ATC000)
8 AA 1.5 VDC battery power
Pricing Process Controller Level Alarm
WA400-BU High Water Alarm (PN# ATD000)
115 VAC power with 8 AA 1.5 VDC battery backup
Pricing Panel Mount Flowmeters
WA400-FS High Water Alarm with Liquid Level Float Switch (PN# ATA000)
Liquid Level Float Switch with 8 AA 1.5 VDC battery power for remote sites without AC power
Pricing High Water Alarm with Liquid Level Float Switch
WA400-AL High Water Alarm with Water Level Alarm Sensor (PN# ATB000)
Water Level Alarm Sensor with 115 VAC power
Pricing High Water Alarm with Water Level Alarm Sensor
WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch
Suspendible float switch w/slosh shield & 20 ft PVC cable
WA600 Water Alarm Sensor Pricing
PC320 Process Controller Pricing
CR500 Circular Chart Recorder Pricing
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