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Monitor Rain Rate and Total Rainfall.
rain gauge FEATURES:
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Reliable, highly accurate, and simple to operate
  • Rugged and long lasting
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Tipping Bucket Options & Prices
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. Tipping Bucket Brochure
. RG600 Tipping Bucket Manual
. RG700 4-20mA Output Tipping Bucket Converter Module Manual

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. Tipping Bucket Application Story
. Product Support
. RG200 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, 6 inch

Tipping Bucket Product Description
Global Water's RG600 Tipping Bucket is a durable weather instrument for monitoring rain rate and total rainfall.  With minimal care, the tipping bucket will provide many years of services.  All Global Water tipping buckets were designed by the National Weather Service to provide a low-investment, reliable, industrial, tipping bucket rain gauge.  Its simple design assures trouble-free operation, yet provides accurate rainfall measurements.  The tipping bucket has an 8 inch (20.3 cm); orifice and is shipped complete with mounting brackets and 25 ft (7.6 m) of two-conductor cable.  The tipping bucket sensor mechanism activates a sealed reed switch that produces a contact closure for each 0.01" or 0.2 mm of rainfall.  The tipping bucket rain gauge can be pole mounted or bolted to a level plate.

Global Water's GL500 Tipping Bucket Data Logger adds recording capabilities to the RG600 Tipping Bucket.  The datalogger connects to the tipping bucket's pulse output to record data.  In addition, Global Water offers the RG700 4-20mA Output Tipping Bucket Converter Module to convert the tipping bucket's pulse output to a current output for use with recording systems that receive 4-20mA signals.

NOTE: If your application does not require such an industrial-strength tipping bucket, please see Global Water's RG200 6" Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.
Tipping Bucket Specifications
Capacity: Unlimited
Resolution: 0.01 inches or 0.2mm
Accuracy: 1.0% up to 2"/hour (50mm/hr)
Average Switch Closure Time: 135 ms
Maximum Bounce Settling Time: 0.75 ms
Maximum Switch Rating: 30 VDC @ 0.2A
Operating Temperature: 32 to +123.8F (0 to +51C)
Cable: 25 ft (7.6 m), 2 conductor
Dimensions: 10-1/8x8 inch (26x20 cm)
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Tipping Bucket Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

RG600 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, 8 inch (PN# EK0000 or EK0200)
Please specify standard (0.01 inch per tip) or metric (0.20 ml per tip) units
RG650 Heated Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, 8 inch (PN# EK0100)
NOTE: AC power only recommended.
RG700 4-20mA Output Tipping Bucket Converter Module (PN# ELA000)
Pulse to current converter.  32 pulses per minute equals 20mA.
Pricing Rain Gauge Pulse to 4-20mA converter
RG200 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, 6 inch (PN# EJ0000) Pricing
GL500-2-1 Datalogger (PN# FR0000)
Specify Serial or USB version when ordering.  Features 2 analog channels and 1 pulse channel.  Includes two internal 9V batteries, Windows-based Global Water Datalogger Software, and PDA software for the CE and Mobile operating systems.
WE800 Weather Station Data Logger
GL500 Multichannel Data Logger included.
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