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Flume for monitoring free fall outflow from pipes or channels.
H Flume
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H Flume Product Description
H flumes are a hybrid between flumes and weirs.  H flumes can measure a wide variety of flows, from very low to extremely high volumes.  H flumes were developed by the US Forest Service as small portable flumes to measure water flow.  The measuring point of the H flume, selected during development, is in the draw down effect, this means that H flumes are very sensitive to slight errors in measuring point position.  A straight uniform approach must be provided that matches the inlet width of the H flume.  H flumes require a non-impeded discharge so that there can be no submergence (backup in the flume).  For more information on monitoring H flumes see the FC220, Open Channel Flow Monitor.  For information on how to install a H Flume click HERE.
H Flume Flow Data
Size/Type 0.4HS 0.6HS 0.50H 0.75H 1.00H 1.50H 2.00H
Range X:1 502 961 828 1595 2743 4845 7843
Min CFS 0.00016 0.00023 0.0004 0.0006 0.0007 0.0011 0.0014
Min MGD 0.0001 0.00014 0.0003 0.0004 0.0005 0.0007 0.0009
Max CFS 0.085 0.23 0.35 0.93 1.95 5.39 11.118
Max MGD 0.055 0.149 0.23 0.60 1.26 3.48 7.186
Complete Flow Table
NOTE: Flow tables are only valid
to the H Flume's height.
0.4HS Table 0.6HS Table 0.5H Table 0.75H Table 1.0H Table 1.5H Table 2.0H Table
H Flume Dimensions & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

Part # Flume Size/Type W (ft) L (ft) T (ft) Recommended Approach Channel Length (ft) Price
01-025 0.4HS 0.42 0.6 0.02 2.0 Pricing
01-026 0.6HS 0.63 0.9 0.03 3.0 Pricing
01-027 0.50H 0.95 0.675 0.05 2.5 Pricing
01-028 0.75H 1.425 1.0125 0.075 3.75 Pricing
01-029 1.00H 1.9 1.35 0.1 5 Pricing
01-030 1.50H 2.85 2.025 0.15 7.5 Pricing
01-031 2.00H 3.8 2.7 0.2 10.0 Pricing
H Flume Accessories
Monitor and display total and current flow, datalogging options available.
Palmer-Bowlus Flume
U shaped channel flume specifically designed for monitoring flows in pipes.
Parshall flume
Industry standard rectangular flume used to monitor streams and channels.
FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor
Monitor and display total and current flow, datalogging options available.
WL16 Water Level Logger
Record water level and using a depth to flow table convert the data into flow data.
FP111 Flow Probe
Water velocity probe for determining open channel flow.
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