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Handheld conductivity and TDS meter for field measurements.
Handheld conductivity meters FEATURES:
  • Robust shock and water resistant design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Wide range of applications
  • Accurate and reliable TetraCon® conductivity probe
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Handheld Conductivity Meters Options & Prices
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Handheld Conductivity Meters Product Description
Handheld Conductivity Meters Applications
Handheld Conductivity Meters Specifications
Handheld Conductivity Meters Options & Prices

Downloads (PDF):

Handheld Conductivity Meters Brochure
Cond3110 Handheld Conductivity Meters Manual
Cond3210 Handheld Conductivity Meters Manual
TetraCon 325 Conductivity Electrode Manual

Additional Information:

Measuring hardness using TDS or Conductivity measurments
Handheld Conductivity Meter electrode calibration explained
Product Support

Handheld Conductivity Meters Product Description
Useable anywhere, the WTW Cond 3110 and Cond 3210 handheld conductivity meters are robust, easy to operate and provide assured accurate readings.  From the monitoring of on-line process systems to field studies, WTW's handheld conductivity meters will meet all your water, wastewater and environmental measurement needs.  Both handheld conductivity meters meet IP66/67 standards - no worrying about using it in the rain and mud, or accidentally dropping it in the water.  These handheld conductivity meters have incorporated a sealed silicone keypad which offers real button response, yet allows for easy cleaning.

Cond 3110 handheld conductivity meter
This easy to use handheld conductivity meter will meet all your day-to-day demands.  With only 6 keys, the Cond 3110 handheld conductivity meter provides easy error-free measurement with temperature measurement, automatic temperature compensation and 4-electrode measuring technology.  Typical applications for the Cond 3110 handheld conductivity meter include simple conductivity measurements or use in high schools and universities.

Cond 3210 handheld conductivity meter
Loaded with additional features, the Cond 3210 handheld conductivity meters include parallel temperature display, integrated datalogger, good laboratory practice (GLP) supporting functions, automatic and manual temperature compensation with linear temperature function and a non-linear function for ultrapure water and natural waters according to EN 27 888.  The handheld conductivity meter's temperature compensation can be switched off; either 68 °F or 77 °F (20 °C or 25 °C) can be selected as the reference temperature.  The Cond 3210 handheld conductivity meters have a continuous measurement control (CMC) function that alerts you when your meter is reading outside of the calibrated range.  The handheld conductivity meter's large memory allows you to manually store 200 datasets.

conductivity meter measurement chart
Conductivity meter measurements
Conductivity is a parameter used to measure the ionic concentration and activity of a solution.  The more salt, acid or alkali in a solution, the greater its conductivity.  The unit of conductivity is S/m, often also S/cm.  The scale for aqueous solutions begins with pure water at a conductivity of 0.05 uS/cm (77 °F /25°C).  Naturally occurring waters such as drinking water or surface water have a conductivity in the range 100 - 1000 uS/cm.  At the upper end of the chart some acids and alcalines can be found.

Conductivity meter measurements are used for applications such as in the production of ultrapure water or determining the salinity of sea water.

Conductivity is measured by using a conductivity meter to make a measurement of the electrical resistance.  The simplest kind of measuring cell used consists of two similar electrodes.  An alternating voltage applied to one of the electrodes causes the ions in the solution to migrate towards the electrodes.  The more ions in the solution, the greater the current which flows between the electrodes.  The conductivity meter measures the current and uses Ohm's law to calculate first the conductance of the solution and then - by taken the cell data into account - the conductivity.

TetraCon® 325 Conductivity Probe
The TetraCon® 4-electrode system sets a new standard for professional conductivity measurements.  In comparison with conventional measuring cells with 2 electrodes, the TetraCon® 325 conductivity cell offers numerous technical advantages:
  • Highly accurate and linear because of optimized cell geometry
  • Extremely large measuring range with just one cell
  • Long-term cell constant stability with high-quality abrasion-resistant graphite electrodes
  • Built-in temperature sensor as standard
  • Smallest immersion depth possible
  • Automatic resistance compensation provides accurate measurements even with a dirty electrode
  • Measurement not affected by cable influences, polarization effects or contact with side walls
  • Robust, unbreakable epoxy body
Handheld Conductivity Meter Sets
We offer both of these great handheld conductivity meters with a conductivity probe in two convenient kits to make your life easier.  Sets include: A Cond 3110 or 3210 handheld conductivity meter, TetraCon® 325-3 probe with 9.8 ft cable, heavy duty fitted case, cal solution, beaker and even a handy probe holding arm.  You will have everything you need for field or plant conductivity measurements in one case.
Handheld conductivity meter applications
The TetraCon® 325 electrode and the Cond 3110 and 3210 handheld conductivity meters will work well in ground water, surface water, laboratory, food industry (juice), swimming pools, pharmaceutics, paint/varnish (soluble), or electroplating measurement applications.
Handheld Conductivity Meters Specifications
Specifications 3110 3210
Conductivity 0.00 uS/cm to 1000 mS/cm 0.00 to 1000 mS/cm
0.000 to 1.999 uS/cm, K=0.01 cm-1
0.00 to 19.99 uS/cm K=0.1 cm-1
Specific Resistance N/A 0.00 to 20 Mohm cm
Salinity 0.0 to 70.0
TDS N/A 0 to 1999 mg/l
0 to 199.9 g/l
Temperature 23 to 221 °F(-5.0 to 105.0 °C) 23 to 221 °F(-5.0 to 105.0 °C)
Conductivity: ± 0.5 % of measured value at ambient temperature of 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C) ± 0.5 % of measured value at ambient temperature of 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C)
Specific Resistance N/A ± 0.5 % of measured value at ambient temperature of 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C)
Salinity ± 0.5 % of measured value at ambient temperature of 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C)
TDS N/A ± 0.5 % of measured value at ambient temperature of 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C)
Temperature: +0.2 °F (+0.1 °C) +0.2 °F (+0.1 °C)
Resolution All values +1 digit
Cell Constants Fixed 0.475 cm-1, 0.1 cm-1
0.450 to 0.500 cm-1, 0.585 to 715 cm-1
0.800 to 1.200 cm-1, Standard: 0.01 mol/L KCl
Fixed 0.475 cm-1, 0.1 cm-1, 0.01 cm-1
0.450 to 0.500 cm-1, 0.585 to 715 cm-1
0.800 to 1.200 cm-1, Standard: 0.01 mol/L KCl
adjustable 0.090 to 0.110 cm-1
AutoRead Automatic Automatic/Manual
Sensor Plug 8 Pin
Calibration 1 point
Reference Temperature 68 or 77 °F (20 or 25 °C), selectable
Temperature Compensation nLF none,nLF,0.000 to 10.00 %/°K
Display 7-Segment LCD, customized LCD backlit graphic
Memory N/A 200 manual datasets
Power Four 1.5V AA batteries or four 1.2 V NiMH
Battery Life Up to 1000 hours Up to 800 hours w/o backlight, 150 hours w/ backlight
Dimensions 6.78x3.15x1.46 inches (172mm x 80mm x 37mm)
Weight 0.66 lb (0.3kg)
TetraCon® 325-3 Probe
Electrode material: Graphite
Shaft material: Epoxy
Shaft length: 4.72 in (120 mm)
Cell constant: K = 0.475 cm-1
Diameter: 0.60 in (15.3 mm)
Cable length: 9.8 ft (3 m)
Measuring range: 1 uS/cm to 2 S/cm
Temperature range: 32 to 212 °F (0 to 100 °C)
Min/max immersion depth: 1.4/4.7 in (36/120mm)
Handheld Conductivity Meters Options & Prices
Prices listed are for United States and Canada only.  Call or e-mail us for pricing in other countries.
Terms and Conditions

Cond 3110 Set Handheld Conductivity Meter Set (PN# 2CA102)
Includes meter, TetraCon® 325-3 with 9.8 ft (3 m) cable, case & accessories.
Cond 3210 Set Handheld Conductivity Meter Set (PN# 2CA202)
Includes meter, TetraCon® 325-3 with 9.8 ft (3 m) cable, case & accessories.
TetraCon® 325-3 Handheld Conductivity Meter Probe (PN# 301970)
Includes 9.8 ft (3 m) cable.
Conductivity Electrodes
Conductivity electrodes for various applications.
KS 5 uS Handheld Conductivity Meter 5 uS/cm Solution (PN# 300580)
Calibration standard 5 ÁS/cm, shelf life 1 year, NIST traceable, accuracy ±2%.
KS 100 uS Handheld Conductivity Meter 100 uS/cm Solution (PN# 300578)
Calibration standard 100 ÁS/cm, shelf life 2 years, NIST traceable, accuracy ±3%.
E-SET Trace uS Handheld Conductivity Meter Calibration Set (PN# 300572)
Calibration set, 6 bottles with 50 ml calibration and control standard each, KCl 0.01 M/l traceable to PTB/NIST.
6R/SET/LAB1 Handheld Conductivity Meter Calibration Set (PN# 302870)
Test set for checking all conductivity meters with waterproof 8-pin socket according to ISO 9000.
EC30A Conductivity Tester
Includes meter and conductivity cell, batteries, and instruction manual.
EC300ACC Field Conductivity Meter Kit
Includes field conductivity meter, cable with attached conductivity/temperature probe, and hard sided case.
EC500 Pocket pH/Conductivity Tester
Includes electrode, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four 1.5V SR44W batteries, and a 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap.
EC510 Pocket pH/Conductivity Tester Kit
Includes an EC500 portable conductivity meter with sensor, 84uS, 1413uS, 12880uS calibration standards, pH buffer pouches (1 each of 4, 7, 10pH plus rinse solution), weighted base, protective sensor cap, 3 sample cups, four 1.5V SR44W batteries, carrying case, and a 48 inch (1.2m) neckstrap.
Lab 960 Benchtop Conductivity Meter Pricing
WQ-Cond Conductivity Sensor
4-20mA output.  Includes 25 ft of cable.
WQ Water Quality Sensors Pricing
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